Innovative designs for free

Available for download as “Open Source”
Simple to adopt for both users and bicycle companies


New bicycle frame geometries
to solve everyday problems

Useful design bicycles

Innovating on new bicycle typologies designing the frames while holding the rest of the product customizable, using standard spare parts, easily available everywhere.

Get yours! Choose your option:


Buy the bicycle

Produced by Roden.
Ready to use (some minor adjustments may be required).

Bicycle products

Buy the frame

Then you go to any bike shop and they can help you assemble the bike with the components you choose.

Frame products

Do It Yourself !

Free drawings and instructions, so everyone can make upon our designs. Make your own and share it!

Let's do it!

Manufacture & Sell

Just download the drawings and start producing and selling. Remember to attribute the design to us.

How to manufacture

How to make it

(for private use, and even for commercial purposes)


1- Download the info

Contact us if you need some help, and just start producing.


2- Design attribution

Apply our decal on your products (somewhere visible), and link to us on your webpage and social networks.


3- Use the bicycles!

Ride and/or commercialize them.
Take part on this new mobility movement!


4- Share with the community

Share your ideas, drawings, advances, comments, photos, videos, etc!


5- Support us

With the help of your sponsorship, collaboration, or donation we can keep on offering our designs for free.


We are sharing our bicycle designs for free and we are working to generate a community of contributors from around the world. We want users, designers, students, NGOs, FabLabs, manufacturers, companies, and so on, to collaborate to get more and better bicycles and transport solutions everywhere.
Any idea, project or experience you want to share?

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