Innovative designs for free

Available for download as “Open Source”
Simple to adopt for both users and bicycle companies


New frame geometries that solve everyday problems,
resulting in new and unique bicycle typologies.

Useful design bicycles

Innovating on new bicycle typologies designing the frames while holding the rest of the product customizable, using standard spare parts, easily available everywhere.

Get yours! Choose your option:


Buy the bicycle

Ready to use (some minor adjustments may be required).

Bicycle products

Buy the frame

You can assemble the bike with the components you choose.

Frame products

Do It Yourself !

Free drawings and instructions, so everyone can make upon our designs.

Let's do it!

Manufacture & Sell

Download the info and start producing and selling. Attribute and support us.

How to manufacture

Make your bicycles

Our open-source designs are available for both private and commercial use.
Here’s how you can get started:


1- Download the info

Our designs are easy to follow and customizable to your needs.


2- Fabricate

Make your own bicycle, or start a serial production using our designs.


3- Design attribution

Apply our decal on your products, linking to our website, and share about us on your social media.


4- Use the bicycles!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor by riding or commercializing your new bicycles.


5- Share your progress

We love to see photos, videos, and hear your comments and feedback.


6- Support our mission

…by becoming a sponsor, collaborator, or making a donation. You help us continue to provide our designs for free.


Whether you’re a user, designer, student, NGO, FabLab, manufacturer, or company,
we want to collaborate with you to bring more and better bicycles to the world.

Do you have an idea, project or experience you want to share? We would love to hear from you!
Let’s work together to create a more sustainable future.

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