About us

New bicycle typologies
in “Open Source” format

Useful design innovation: We are creating new vehicle designs to solve everyday problems, aiming to simple, efficient and accesible solutions. We hope that our innovations reach bicycle companies around the world, to be adopted, commercialized and go mainstream.

More than 10 new bicycle typologies in development.

Indalecio Sabbioni

Industrial Designer from Saladillo, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

30-year experience working for Cicaré: light helicopters R&D. And he runs his own Industrial and Graphic design studio Sentidos design

Awarded for his design work on products like helicopters, virtual reality simulators, UV disinfection robot, and bicycles.

Our team

From Argentina to the world!

Indalecio Sabbioni

Indalecio Sabbioni


Award winning Industrial Designer (University of Buenos Aires).
Also designing helicopters for Cicaré S.A.

Mariano D’Agostino

Mariano D’Agostino


IAE Business School. UBA (University of Buenos Aires).
Engineer working on the energy regulation field.

All our initial bicycle designs are created by Indalecio Sabbioni

Sentidos design webpage

20-year vehicle design experience

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