Open Source

We believe in the power of collaboration

That’s why we are sharing our bicycle designs under a Creative Commons license, which allows anyone to use, modify and share our designs for any purpose, even commercially. Our users can contribute to the designs and we welcome commercial firms to manufacture and distribute the products.

By collaborating with us as a company, you will benefit from:

Free innovation:

Take advantage of these straightforward new products for new applications.

Better products:

High-quality design and development with continuous improvement, validated and co-created with the community.

More clients:

More bicycles, more components and accessories to incorporate, and more related services.

Better market reach:

through worldwide promotion on our website, news, social networks, and media.


Participating with the community and showcasing your experience, capabilities, products, and services. 

Customers loyalty:

Your brand will be associated with concepts like freedom, sustainability, and innovation.


Here you can access product descriptions, parts lists, and file packages to make the bicycles. This is also the place to share feedback, contribute, and collaborate with our community.

Wikifactory is a social platform for collaborative product development,
connecting product developers with the tools to accelerate their work.

Design Attribution

Apply the Creative Commons
attribution decal
onto the bicycles.

Copy & paste the following button
in your website (if any):

website button

Tag us on social media, to showcase your collaboration.


We are always looking to collaborate with users, designers, students, NGOs, FabLabs, manufacturers, companies, and so on, to get more and better bicycles and transport solutions everywhere. If you have any ideas, projects, or experiences you want to share, please let us know!

Join us in creating sustainable and innovative transportation solutions by collaborating and contributing to our community. Let’s make a difference together!

Creative Commons license

Creative Commons LicenseAttribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).
(Attribution – Sharing under the Same Conditions)

This means that you are free to share and adapt our bicycle designs for any purpose, even commercially. However, you must give credit to the original author (by citing our name) and distribute any derivative work under this same license. Read more…

“…persons or companies producing items (“products”) under an Open Source Hardware license have an obligation to make it clear that such products are not manufactured, sold, warrantied, or otherwise sanctioned by the original designer and also not to make use of any trademarks owned by the original designer.”
(Open Source Hardware definition) Read more…