UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals serve as a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. We believe in the importance of the SDGs, and our actions are aligned with these goals. 

Here are the SDGs that we are actively working towards:

End poverty

Our open-source designs for bicycles can generate job opportunities for entrepreneurs and provide alternative, affordable transportation options for people, goods, and tools.

Good health and well-being

The health benefits of cycling are related to cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, joint mobility, posture and coordination, bones; and reduction of stress levels, body fat levels, anxiety and depression.

Quality education

We share our technical knowledge for free and advocate for the use of bicycles as an efficient mode of transportation for students to get to school.

Gender equality

The bicycle has played an important role in promoting gender equality since its implementation.

Clean water and sanitation

Bicycles can help reach clean water sources and transport it to homes (especially cargo bikes).

Affordable and clean energy

The use of human power (pedaling) as transportation reduces the need for fossil fuels, and can also be used to generate electricity.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We offer our designs and innovations for free, making them accessible and easily adoptable in developing countries at zero initial cost.

Reduced inequalites

We have uploaded our innovation results publicly on the internet, offering equal opportunities for anyone to access and use our information for manufacturing bicycles.

Sustainable cities and communities

Bicycles promote sustainable cities by reducing traffic, noise, and air pollution, making streets safer, and promoting socialization and better health.

Responsible consumption and production

We promote local production by offering our designs and knowledge freely to everyone.

Climate action

Bicycles are a sustainable mode of transportation that uses fewer resources and generates less pollution than cars.

Life on land

Bicycles are an ideal transportation option for ecotourism because they cause the least amount of disturbance to wildlife.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

We design bicycles that are inclusive for people with disabilities and offer our designs freely to everyone, regardless of their background.

Partnerships for the goals

We foster partnerships with NGOs, governments, companies, foundations, schools, and others to promote the use of bicycles and achieve the SDGs.

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