Let´s create more innovative useful bikes

We are releasing our designs as “Open Source”, offering the making to everyone.
We want users and even bicycle companies to build upon our designs!

We need your support for our work on Research & Development,
and to keep on sharing our bicycle designs for free!

We can collaborate/partner
in many ways:

Improve your bicycles:

We can work together and help you develop new vehicles, or to adapt and customize the bicycles to your needs, your projects, your company, your city…

Product referral:

We can link to your online store (parts, components, accessories) so users buy and use them to assemble their bicycles.


Support our work on Open Source design & innovation.


Send us a small percentage for the sales you make on the bicycles based on our designs.


Send us some bicycle components as compensation for our designs. We will use them on our own bicycles.


Any help will be appreciated. We may need promotion, mentoring, consulting, design, engineering, etc.

Bicycle sales commission:

We can promote your bicycles and you send us a small percentage for each sale.

Become a sponsor:

Support our work and we will use your brand on our products, webpage, social networks, events, publications, ads, etc.

Roden brand promotion:

As compensation for our designs, promote our brand on your products, webpage, social networks, events, publications, ads, etc.

Any idea you want to share?
Let’s collaborate!

Please contact us so we can find the best way to help us each other!